Sunday, 25 November 2012

MCX Commodities Weekly Pivot Supports and Resistances for Nov'26''2012

MCX Commodities Weekly Pivot,Supports And Resistances For Nov'26''2012

MCX Gold

MCX Gold Weekly Pivot/Trend Reversal Point 32068
MCX Gold has Weekly resistance at 32521,For Longs keep Target at 32492,For Shorts Keep Stoploss above 32551.MCX Gold Next weekly Resistances 32762,33215
MCX Gold has Weekly Supports at 31827,For Shorts keep Target at 31854,For Longs Keep Stoploss above 31794.MCX Gold Next weekly Supports 31374,31133

MCX Silver

MCX Silver Weekly Pivot/Trend Reversal Point 62702
MCX Silver has Weekly resistance at 63893. For Longs keep Target at 63852,For Shorts Keep Stoploss above 63924.MCX Silver Next weekly Resistances 65294,66440
MCX Silver has Weekly Supports at 61346,For Shorts keep Target at 61368,For Longs Keep Stoploss at 61324.MCX Silver Next weekly Supports 60200,58799

MCX Copper

MCX Copper Weekly Pivot/Trend Reversal Point 428
MCX Copper has Weekly resistance at 434.20,For Longs keep Target at 433.8,For Shorts Keep Stoploss at 434.80.MCX Copper Next weekly Resistances 437.40,443.60
MCX Copper has Weekly Supports at 424.70,For Shorts keep Target at 425.40,For Longs Keep Stoploss at 424.10.MCX Copper Next weekly Supports 418.50,415.30

MCX Crudeoil

MCX Crudeoil Weekly Pivot/Trend Reversal Point 4875
MCX Crudeoil has Weekly resistance at 4971.For Longs keep Target at 4964,For Shorts Keep Stoploss above 4979.MCX Crudeoil Next weekly Resistances 5037,5133
MCX Crudeoil has Weekly Supports at 4810,For Shorts keep Target at 4824,For Longs Keep Stoploss at 4794.MCX Crudeoil Next weekly Supports 4714,4649

MCX Lead 
MCX Lead Weekly Pivot/Trend Reversal Point 120.55
MCX Lead has Weekly resistance at 123.5, For Longs keep Target at 123.30,For Shorts Keep Stoploss above 123.90.MCX Lead Next weekly Resistances 125.60,128.30
MCX Lead has Weekly Supports at 118.70,For Shorts keep Target at 119.3,For Longs Keep Stoploss at 118.20.MCX Lead Next weekly Supports 115.60,113.80

MCX Nickel

MCX Nickel Weekly Pivot/Trend Reversal Point 910.10
MCX Nickel has Weekly resistance at 936. For Longs keep Target at 934,For Shorts Keep Stoploss above 938.MCX Nickel Next weekly Resistances 953,979
MCX Nickel has Weekly Supports at 893,For Shorts keep Target at 895.For Longs Keep Stoploss at 891.MCX Nickel Next weekly Supports 867,850

MCX Zinc 
MCX Zinc Weekly Pivot/Trend Reversal Point 106.50
MCX Zinc has Weekly resistance at 109. For Longs keep Target at 108.50
10,For Shorts Keep Stoploss above 109.80.MCX Zinc Next weekly Resistances 110.30,112.80
MCX Zinc has Weekly Supports at 105.20,For Shorts keep Target at 105.80,For Longs Keep Stoploss at 104.50.MCX Zinc Next weekly Supports 102.70,101.40

MCX Aluminium

MCX Aluminium Weekly Pivot/Trend Reversal Point 108.50
MCX Aluminium has Weekly resistance at 110.10,For Longs keep Target at 109.50,For Shorts Keep Stoploss above 111.20.MCX Aluminium Next weekly Resistances 111.30,113.40
MCX Aluminium has Weekly Supports at 106.80,For Shorts keep Target at 107.30,For Longs Keep Stoploss at 106.20.MCX Aluminium Next weekly Supports 104.70,103.50

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